Samstag, 28. Juni 2008

It's the 5'O-O-O-Clock News!

Ya, so like, I know nobody reads this blog, but anyway. I don't want to spam up my deviantArt page with journals that nobody reads. At least let me share boring information about my life somewhere else than on the page that I actually refer people who are interested in my art to.

Anyways, onto the real blog. Been quite some time since the last entry, so here's a lot of stuff:

1. I got a account! Yeah, not that interesting.

2. So, I got into art school. I finished the map with all the stuff I needed for it at 1 AM on the day where we had the qualifying exam. Yeah, that should tell how prepared and nervous I was. The teacher there even said I was one of the 3 people that will get into it 100%, I'll hear about the exact ranking on Tuesday, some other people will look at my stuff over the weekend.

The exam was crazy. First, you had to answer some questions... Favourite movie and why, last three books read, famous international living artist (I wrote down Jeff Smith), "What is a slogan?" and weirder stuff like "What do you understand under DOCUMENTA and BIENNALE?" (Some art shows as far as I knew... *shrug*) or "Name the last art show you visited and describe your impressions" or "Describe a recent marketing campaign". They also asked if I knew any art shows on TV or the radio. Hell if I know, only question I didn't answer. Art Attack maybe?

Then we had to draw our hand in the correct proportions, with right shading and stuff. I barely finished the rough sketch and just started going detailed on the thumb, time was over. Next, we had to illustrate a text. Sketched out the scene small, drew it big, started colouring, hardly even managed to finish the main character of the scene, time over. Next, draw 8 objects (4 with pencil, 4 with pen). I rushed these, and amazingly enough managed to finish all of them. Then again, they didn't really look good. >_> Finally, we got some paper where three words were written in different font styles and we had to fill in one letter each. Didn't manage to finish that either. I think no one finished the illustration part, not so sure about the others, but I hardly doubt that most did. It was reeeeeeally crazy fast.

I'm gonna upload one of the pictures I made for the map to dA soon, as well as Empty Space. Finally, amirite?

3. I got a new video game! I saw this ad in a magazine and just had to buy the game:

The game soon arrived, even!

Unfortunately, I was shocked to find no CD inside.

Even the back of the cover seemed to be missing.

SCREW YOU, "Internet Games"! S C R E W. Y O U.

4. To make this post somewhat worthwile, here's old & unfinished stuff and even some newer stuff for you to look at (with disgust)!

I enjoyed making the Anarchy 2090 cover so much, I decided to mess around some more in MS Paint.

Before the pixel cover, I made these attempts at a birthday gift for Dodgy. Thank God I wasn't pleased with it, because the cover turned out SO much better!

More "Pixel" stuff. This time, an ID for that whole meme-thing on dA. I never finished it because I didn't bother cleaning out the lines and making it look like PROPER pixel art, not like a normal picture, only drawn in MS Paint. Kind of a shame, I really like it, but then again, that whole pixelID craze is over now, so finishing it would be rather pointless, too.

I wanted to do a Retro Painting-esque Pin-Up. I failed at making Sammy look good, so I stopped there. Thankfully. Would have been too Furry and wouldn't have managed to get that style down right anway.

This is what the cover would look like for a WeirdStar video game. Due to Dodger's weapon being a gamepad and all. Videogames don't kill people, gamepads do. harhar

Mockup for a WeirdStar website. Yar. I might actually continue the Invention Madness storyline, just to finish it, instead of my earlier plans to start the whole series over again. Minus the parts involving Sammy, it's not that bad of a storyline, really.

Stuff for a WeirdStar storyline that I have planned and very likely WILL eventually do, should I ever manage to continue the comic. It'll play a very important part in the overall story of the comic, and kind of serve as a motivation/interlude to the whole Dodger&Nova storyline/relationship. Oops. Should have marked that as spoilers, eh?

I have this saved as "The Best Comic Ever.jpg". I think this is a pretty accurate description.

I'm gonna do this comic one day. Sometime in the next storyline after Invention Madness. It'll involve Dodger being kidnapped by the Chicken Cult of Pok-a-Pok, due to his blasphemous invention (the Chicken Catcher X-3000). I'm serious.

Dodger painting Steve's head? That's so 2005.

Empty Space pages I had sketched out.

It's a good guess that this is ACTUALLY coming soon. I have a script written, y'know?

And with that, I'm out. Hope you enjoyed this trip down crappy WIP lane.

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