Samstag, 22. März 2008

Hello There!

Hi. I draw stuff. I also photograph stuff.

I used to show people that stuff on those sites you see linked to your right. Then I stopped. Now I show it to them here. If you ask me why that is, you will destroy two thirds of the universe (Yes, Hab, that was what you think it was), so for the sake of your sorry little life and everyone elses as well, DON'T. Just enjoy the new stuff.

Adult Mona Lisa

Something I did just NOW. Like that blog header. Only it's not me, it's a supposedly more adult/realistic looking version of good ol' ML.

Take Pills

More Mona Lisa. I was all like "I'LL TRY TO DO THIS ON REAL MEDIA" at first but then I was all like "NAWW MAN NO WAY". Amazing, huh? The Blog's name is already keeping it's promise! ALRIGHT!

Some Cowboy Dude

Some already older random sketch of a cowboy. How weird is that!

Hab Trade

My part of a trade I did with Habilis Orian.

The Emmy C Adventures

A gift I did for Emmy Cicierega aka Bindi. Because she's awesome and it was about time I drew something for her.

Lion Flag

Design for a flag I got commissioned to do.

Autumn Blood Poster

Something else I did for Hab. My colours, his drawing.

That is all for now. More is to come, as soon as I finally edit some of my old (to me at least) shots. That, and Eddy wants me to colour something for him. I might do it if he's nice. Oh, and something entirely different is coming up as well. Later, soldiers. All those other people, as well.

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